Rules & Regulations

  1. School fee can be paid either in FULL or PART PAYMENT (this arrangement must be made in the office).
  2. Students who are found guilty of mischievous behaviour such as argument that may lead to a fight or malice will be suspended.
  3. Any student who misbehave or is ill mannered to prefects or teachers will be punished.
  4. Students who spread rumours on teachers or other students will be punished severely.
  5. Neither members of staff or students should conduct any form of partner (throw me hand, sou sou etc) on the school compound.
  6. Cellular phones should NOT be used during class time and MUST at ALL times be place on silent.
  7. No excess amount of jewelry should be worn to school.
  8. Female(s) who are NOT married and get pregnant while attending school will be asked to attend evening classes.
  9. NO weapons (knife, gun, etc) MUST be taken to school.
  10. Power outlet MUST NOT be used for the charging of cell phones, laptops or any electrical items.
  11. Uniforms should be worn to school every day. Uniform skirts should be worn 2 inches below the knee.
  12. Males are NOT allowed to wear Spangie pants, Fashion Buckle Belt, Hat or Earring to school.
  13. Students should be at school no later than 8:00 am
  14. No fighting is allowed on the compound or on the road.
  15. No slippers or backless shoe is to be worn to school.
  16. Female students are not allowed to wear tight pants to school.
  17. No student is allowed to go on the road during school hours.
  18. Students who disobey the rule of the school 3 consecutive times will be sent home permanently.
  19. All students who attend school without their proper uniform and without a valid reason will be sent home.
  20. The use of indecent language is punishable by suspension and if habitual, by dismissal.
  21. The destruction of furniture will not be tolerated. Heavy fines will be imposed.
  22. No MP3, Laptops, earphones or radios are to be taken to school unless requested by teachers for use in classes.
  23. Students who are caught stealing will be punished by instant dismissal.
  24. Students who are caught gambling, smoking or drinking Alcoholic beverages will be punished by instant dismissal.
  25. No coloured hair should be worn to school.
  26. No visitor can deliver lunch to any student during school hours (8 am – 3 pm).
  27. ALL male students MUST have their hair neatly cut and comb for school daily.